Pinnacles & Shrines

There's something about vintage movies that I love.  Maybe it's how people spoke so differently, or maybe it's because they're a portal to a completely different time.  I admire much about the past, and continuously draw inspiration from it.  

For this project, I wanted to combine old and new.  The concept of 3D imagery is quite interesting.  We've managed to manipulate flat surfaces into appearing somewhat realistic even though we are surrounded by objects with three dimensions.  You know what they say: Life imitates art - or maybe, in practice, it's the other way around.

Model: Iona Small  @ionacatherine


Lavender Fields Forever

The day was overcast, the clouds providing Portlanders a much needed break from the stifling heat wave.  This is the first time Sonora or I had ever been to Sauvie's Island.  We'd heard about it from a friend- pick your own grapes, sprawling fields of sunflowers, just nature for miles.  When we arrived, the unmistakable fragrance of lavender greeted us and we were welcomed almost instantly.  

Lavender fields forever w/ @sonoratmw

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This beautiful location, combined with a stunning model, made one happy photographer.  

The lavender filled my boots and followed me home, the day lingering in it's scent. 

Poster Re-Design

I've always been drawn to a retro aesthetic.  This is especially true for the 1960's.  I don't know if it's the coupling of innovation with art or the advancement of civil rights, but this certain era has a great appeal.

For a project, I was asked to redesign an event poster.  Was there a better event than the Seattle World's Fair?  Of course not!  


Winter Day

There's only one thing I dislike about winter, and that is how it gets dark way too early.  Today the  sun was completely gone by 4:30 pm.  I planned on heading to a foresty area to get some images for a school assignment.  Luckily, I decided to leave the house earlier than normal or I would I have been out of luck.  It's tough to be an outdoor photographer in the winter!

Here are some photos I captured today for a personal project.  

Polaroid 600.  Impossible Project Film.